Nolio Release Automation is a proven end-to-end application release management solution for executing a successful DevOps, continuous delivery strategy.


With this powerful platform, you can:

  • Automate and standardize application releases from development through production to accelerate and stabilize deployments
  • Plan, manage, and optimize your release pipeline to improve quality, processes, and teams

This enterprise-ready solution easily integrates with your continuous delivery toolchain and agilely scales as the volume, velocity, and complexity of applications grow. Nolio Release Automation is ready to work in any enterprise, helping teams deliver high-quality applications faster than ever before—continuously.


Business Challenges

Getting agile applications to market can be fraught with risk and delays due to manual release steps, time-consuming script maintenance, a disjointed toolchain and disconnected Dev, Test, and Ops teams. Challenges include:

  • Pressure to deliver more, faster. To keep pace with demands for new features and updates, the volume and velocity of releases must grow and include an efficient feedback loop—an impossible task if you “throw code over the wall” to production.
  • Enterprise complexity. With many tool preferences across multiple teams, orchestrating releases effectively is a juggling act. The array of application technologies and intricacies of environments and infrastructure also fuel complexity.
  • Downtime and failures. Moving faster can lead to more mistakes (especially with manual or scripted processes) and ultimately to quality degradation. With no stable, resilient release pipeline, you face firefighting to get releases out and a greater risk of problems in production.

Without end-to-end visibility and management of the entire application release pipeline, business growth is impeded. To address these challenges, continuous delivery—where high-quality software can be reliably released at any time—is critical, and application release automation is the lynchpin.


Solution Overview

Nolio Release Automation includes two distinct building blocks to ignite and advance your continuous delivery practices:

  • Rapidly and reliably deploy application releases across diverse servers, data centres and cloud environments—development through production—with the core automation engine. Develop complex release processes once, and re-use those processes across other applications, teams and environments to speed deployment, reduce manual errors and lower costs.
  • Plan, manage and optimize the continuous delivery pipeline with the Nolio Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition. This advanced module offers a single, “big picture” control point of the release pipeline for executing multiteam, multi-application releases. You can plan, schedule and govern releases (identifying dependencies and resolving conflicts), track and prioritize multi-part application content, and effectively troubleshoot issues.