Drive agility and speed to digital business apps and core commercial applications.


Automic Continuous Delivery Automation lets users monitor and control real-time deployments and provides complete release reporting. Optimized for enterprise environments, Automic Continuous Delivery Automation accelerates application deployment, assures quality releases, and minimizes downtime to empower both development and operations to enable business growth.

Business Challenges

With the advent of serverless architectures and agile development methodologies, mission-critical application deployments are difficult, if not impossible to automate end-to-end in the expansive modern enterprise IT portfolio.

  • How do you automate everything from microservices to mainframes into a coherent, yet flexible, automated deployment pipeline?
  • How does the modern digital enterprise, with such a broad app portfolio, respond quickly to market and customer pressures while also responsibly adhering to governance and compliance mandates?

The modern digital enterprise is struggling to provide consistent automation mechanics from microservices to mainframes, while adapting to a workforce shifting left is also providing an array of challenges. With everything being described by code, operations personnel (or their development replacements) skill sets are shifting towards development best practices. Simply architected release automation or DevOps tools clearly do not provide the interface, scope, and platform reach that is needed to provide the financial bottom line benefits demanded by business leaders.

Solution Overview

Automic Continuous Delivery Automation is an industry-leading application release orchestration tool built on the industry-leading Automic® One Automation Platform. Automic Continuous Delivery Automation provides the scale, scope, standards, and interface demanded by the modern digital enterprise to support the entire IT portfolio— microservices to mainframe and everything in-between. Automic Continuous Delivery Automation provides the highest level of scalability on the market with support for up to 500,000 deployment endpoints on a single clustered instance. Why settle for only a portion of your app delivery occurring at a high velocity?

Automic Continuous Delivery Automation supports your favourite open source software tooling to drive broad continuous delivery adoption and efficiency more quickly. It also provides Automation as Code capabilities, so it smartly fits into existing code-first and agile practices.