Get unified, scalable AI-driven network triage and automation for traditional, SDN and cloud networks.


DX NetOps improves your time to value through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and unified network visibility that delivers simplified NetOps intelligence into the user experience that traverses modern architectures. DX NetOps accomplishes this through high-scale operations monitoring that enables full-stack analytics for assuring traditional and modern architectures. DX NetOps converts inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow, and packet analysis into actionable intelligence for network operations teams. Complimented by AIOps from Broadcom®, DX NetOps enables IT teams to establish proactive, autonomous remediation capabilities across the applications, infrastructure, and networks that fuel superior user experiences.

Business Challenges

Network teams today are facing a technological inflexion point, networks everywhere are being re-architected to support cloud migrations and a demanding consumer. Teams struggle to keep pace with the tsunami of metrics generated by complex, modern architectures that fuel today’s network congestion. Teams also struggle to relieve stress on the WAN caused by highly sensitive applications and to achieve a unified way to correlate alerts and to reduce noise while helping to drive network transformation.

Solutions Overview

The new KPI is not network performance, it is the application experience. To succeed, network operations teams need holistic, contextual, and autonomous intelligence in a timely manner across domains to truly drive a phenomenal customer experience and reduce operational complexities.

With a combination of real-time monitoring and ML-driven analytics, DX NetOps comprehensively simplifies today’s modern network complexity through high-scale operations monitoring that enables full-stack analytics for assuring traditional, software-defined, and cloud architectures.

Leveraging more than 20 plus years of experience, the solution delivers a reliable user experience through a full suite of diagnostic capabilities including root cause, topologies, device metrics, faults, flow, packet, and controller analysis. The solution can assure the entire pathway to the cloud, covering the WAN, the delivery network, and the data centre cloud. The solution offers additional features including:

  • A single pane operations interface that provides use-case-specific expert dashboards, multivendor metric families, business-hours focus, and versatile grouping for contextual analysis.
  • Open third-party integration to help enable speedy extraction or ingestion from third-party software or custom applications to break down data silos.
  • Optimized collection and storage to enable reliable assurance with customized control over what to monitor and how to monitor it.
  • Multitenancy offers an easy way to segregate network data according to customers, roles, and access rights.
  • A complimentary AIOps analytics solution that provides full-stack correlations, predictions, and algorithmic analysis of alarms, metrics, logs, and topologies.