Enterprise Automation Automation for the Digital Business Economy.

With Broadcom, enterprises can rely on solid automation products powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to drive agility across both digital processes and continuous delivery pipelines.

Enterprise automation let you visualize and manage complex workloads across scheduling platforms, ERP systems, business apps from mainframe to microservices, and the cloud. Intelligent pipelines enable to easily construct and monitor releases including the dependencies across the pipelines. Proactive and autonomous remediation across systems, applications, and multi-cloud help create more resilient production environments.

By bridging across functional and technology silos, and providing a single control point for all automation, it is possible for IT organization to have the backbone they need to support their automation centre of enablement initiatives.

Key Findings

  • Traditional workload automation strategies are unable to meet the needs of heterogeneous IT environments that include cloud-native infrastructure and big data workloads.
  • Digital business requires multiple teams, both within and outside of IT, to take advantage of real-time, event-driven orchestration of business services.
  • Improved efficiency remains the key driver for investments in I&O automation.


Leaders who want to transform IT operations automation should:
  • Use service orchestration and automation platforms as an orchestration engine to abstract away and minimize the complexity of automating workflows that span diverse application and infrastructure domains.
  • Democratize access to automation technologies to multiple groups within and outside IT by exposing self-service automation capabilities.
  • Derive greater value from I&O automation by using service orchestration and event-driven workflows to drive business agility and digital innovation, going beyond efficiency gains.