Improve app performance and deliver flawless user experiences with unmatched insight and intelligence.


In an era when mobile and digital interactions reign supreme, enterprise organizations must proactively manage the applications that drive their businesses and reputations. However, new modern application architectures and distributed cloud environments make it more complex to understand the real root cause of application and user issues, mainly due to the inability to cipher through vast amounts of data and evaluate all the varying types of data sets that these environments produce. As a result, modern APM solutions have evolved to include AIOps solution to correlate and analyze data across users, applications, infrastructure, and network services and to apply machine learning and advanced analytics to deliver a new level of visibility and actionable insights.

DX Application Performance Management (DX APM) is a modern solution that helps organizations to proactively identify and resolve issues across physical, virtual, container, cloud, and mobile applications. DX APM, an integral part of our AIOps solution, offers analytics-driven insights that uniquely position your organization to deliver user experiences that with every transaction build loyalty, differentiate your business, and allow your experts to focus only on impactful issues.

Business Challenges

Applications are the face of your business, and users have a multitude of choices. It only takes a few seconds for a user to either accept or reject your app. The challenge is to make your applications the ones that users stay with because they like the experience. While impeccable performance is the key to a flawless end-user experience, there are difficulties in ensuring great performance:

  • Speed and complexity across the delivery chain for applications require performance management that can support new, modern application architectures and that can span across physical and virtual environments and from on-premises to hosted components.
  • A wealth of data quickly becomes too much. Billions of metrics a day require new approaches to visualization. Intelligent analytics must sift through the metrics and identify the relevant variables.
  • Mobile access and a digital user experience can no longer be considered special but are requirements for the overall performance picture.
  • Performance must be tested continuously, in both pre-production and post-production, to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. 

Solutions Overview

With DX APM by CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, operations and app teams can achieve all of the following goals:

  • Gain insights into a digital experience. DX APM enables users to gain a 360-degree view of user experience, performance, and app usage from both a real user and a synthetic perspective.
  • Discover, trace and diagnose application issues. DX APM automatically discovers, traces and maps application dependencies from the user experience, applications to backend supporting infrastructure providing metric correlation, crashes, code level insights, and diagnostics details across all layers.
  • Monitor modern application architectures. DX APM is built to instantly detect, discover and monitor microservices-based clusters, projects, services, pods, or containers together with hosted apps and underlying supporting infrastructure or cloud services for comprehensive insights into dynamically changing environments.
  • Collaborate across DevOps teams. DX APM performance data is easily used across DevOps teams to ensure continuous performance improvements at every stage of the software lifecycle. DX APM has integrations with Runscope, BlazeMeter, and Jenkins so Application and Operations teams can collaborate more effectively.
  • Deliver operational efficiencies with actionable intelligence. DX APM helps teams simplify and speed triage through automatic anomaly detection, alarm clustering and suppression and complete diagnostic insights from app to infrastructure. DX APM utilizes our AIOps solution for analytics and machine learning techniques across various data types providing faster autonomous remediation and insights into the user experience that help to drive better business outcomes and operational efficiencies.
  • Achieve enterprise-scale and ease administration. DX APM, built on an open and scalable architecture, quickly scales to meet the performance requirements of the most demanding environments, whether for cloud service providers, managed service providers or large enterprises

Critical Differentiators

DX Application Performance Management is proven to produce real-world results as shown by the following examples:

  • In a study by Forrester, which CA Technologies commissioned, Forrester found that an organization could achieve an ROI of 316% in as few as three months (The Total Economic Impact Of CA Technologies Application Performance Management, 2017).
  • In the same study, Forrester concluded that when a development team used the solution to test new code, the customer was able to accelerate development cycles by 15% in the first year.
  • In an interview for a CA Technologies customer success story, a Senior IT Consultant with Orange stated that the solution helped Orange to reduce the time it takes to isolate the root cause of a poor response time or error by 40%.