When rationalization means something good...

Nowadays, organizations face a growing number of opportunities to expand their business due to technological progress. These opportunities, however, come along with challenges that require that IT services and functions need to become business-aware in their operations while delivering capabilities that can efficiently execute their strategy and support day-to-day operations. Despite the fact that Application Portfolio Management (APM) has its comprehensive and organized approach, the number of companies, which are still reluctant to adopt it, is still growing

In this webinar we want to give an overview of the interesting field of APM, discuss how you can help your organization to successfully adopt APM and show, how software solutions like ServiceNow® with an integrated approach to APM can help you to get your applications under control. You will see the following agenda in this session:

•    Short Introduction on APM and Frameworks
•    APM adoption - our guide and how to get started
•    Software support - how the ServiceNow platform can help
•    Summary
•    Q&A

Watch the webinar here: